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24APR 2016
WKU Trials only

WKU Trials only as Squad cancelled

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24-4-16 There will be no squad training next Sunday Only WKU world trials for kickboxing competition in Orlando next autumn. Anyone interested in this competition should let Mrs Mannion know by Thursday. Those who try and qualify would be expected to go. Flights are booked to Orlando on own. Accommodation, tracksuit and entrance fees are done through Mrs Dalton as a package. Trials will be held in Cork

30APR 2016

MWTA British Open

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30-4-16 MWTA British Open

1MAY 2016

Referee Course

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01-05-16 Squads €8.50, IUTF Referee Course €30. New Castle West

8MAY 2016

Black Belt Grading

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8-5-16 Squads €8.50. Black belt grading (Costs indicated above) Newcastle West

5MAY 2016

Squads Friendship Tournament Tralee

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15-05-16 squads Friendship Tournament Tralee

4JUN 2016

Taekwondo Colour Belt Grading

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4-06-16 Taekwondo grading (green stripe and above) Athlone

5JUN 2016

Kickboxing WKU grading

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5-06-16 Kickboxing WKU grading

11JUN 2016

Taekwondo Colour Belt Grading grading

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11-06-16 Taekwondo grading (white to green tags)

3MAR 2016

Calendar end

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Thank you from Athlone Taekwondo

we will continue updating
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Recent Results

Leinster Championships 2016

Colour Belt Section:
Trisha Martin - Gold/Silver
Dean Martin - Gold/Bronze
Darragh Martin - Silver
Rachel Martin - Bronze/Gold
Sophie Hens - Gold/Gold
Grace Mcgonigle Murray - Silver
Grace Meares - Silver/Bronze
Fiachra Reddington - Bronze/Bronze
Edel Reilly - Gold/Bronze
Kate Mika - Gold/Bronze
Naoise Knowd - Gold
Aristide Selve - Bronze/Bronze
Lucy Doran - Bronze/Bronze
Keira Murray - Silver/Bronze
Niamh Murray - Gold
Olivia Walsh - Gold/Bronze
Hollie Walsh - Silver/Silver
Aine Moyles - Bronze/Silver
Gerry Chen - Silver/Silver
Emily Dunning - Silver/Bronze
Alexiane Parker - Bronze
Darragh O'Neill - Gold/Bronze
Jake Flynn - Silver/Silver
Conor Sheridan - Bronze
Eoin Sheridan - Bronze
Roisin O Donovan - Bronze/Gold
Laoise O Donovan - Bronze
Michael Henry - Bronze/Gold
Niamh Henry - Bronze
Michael Dillon - Silver
James Dillon - Gold
Mia Daly - Silver/Silver
Johanna Hughes - Gold/Gold
Diarmuid Shine - Bronze
Roisin O Donovan - Bronze/Gold

Irish Open championships 2015

Black Belt Section:
Leon Brydone - Unconfirmed
Kevin Fitzpatrick - Silver/Gold
Dylan Lacey - Gold
Cormac Mannion - Gold/Gold
Jordan Lacey - Gold/Gold
Jenny Fitzpatrick - Silver/ Gold/Gold
Rhys Mannion - Bronze/Bronze/Gold
Cian Bowes - Silver
Isabelle Clarke - Silver/Gold

Colour Belt Section:
Adrian Kovac - Gold/Silver
Trisha Martin - Silver/Bronze
Rachel Martin - Bronze/Gold
Dean Martin - Bronze/Gold
Roisin O Donovan - Bronze/Gold
Laoise O Donovan - Bronze
Hollie Walsh - Bronze/Gold
Olivia Walsh - Gold/Gold
Sarah Fitzpatrick - Silver/Silver
Eoin Sheridan - Bronze/Gold
Conor Sheridan - Unconfirmed
Tiarnan Bowes - Gold/Gold
Kate Mika - Gold /Bronze
Kevin Moore - Silver
Oisin Donoghue - Bronze